Jhon's First Medal

Jhon had taken bowling as his hobby for slightly over 1 year and just to make it interesting, he had joined a bowling club to challenge himself and perhaps learn some new tips.

The club is called "Filipinos Bowling Club Singapore" and despite of the name, the club is filled with other nationalities too; Malays, Chinese and Caucasions!

Anyways, besides playing for individual tournaments, there is also group tornaments and one of the group Jhon is in is "Dat's The Way".

Over the weekend, FBCS had a Christmas cum Award ceremony for the overall results of the year.

And guess what!!

Jhon's team won 1st runner up!!

I am so proud and happy for Jhon because he gets to bring something home. He ever won a couple of games but they were a small sum of money. I think this will definitely boost up his confidence and determination to play better.

For an amature, he is quite good (as mentioned by other bowlers) and I like it that some of the professionals are not stingy in helping and giving good advices.

Congratulations, Jhon!

Now bring home more medals and trophies!! =D



  1. Hi~ He should join a league! There are league events all over Singapore, all he need to do is form a team and sign up!

    1. Hi WhiteDusk. Yes, I have mentioned to him about joining a league before but he said he still has a lot of improvement to do and when he does and has the confidence, he will join. =)