Exploring Labrador Park

Over the weekend, Jhon and I headed to Labrador park for a photo cum trekking session. It was the first time any of us going to that place so it would be interesting since that park is also a location used during World War II.

We reached the place after 9am and although we know there perhaps some lingering entities from the past, we didn't expect to have that 'feeling' in the morning. What was more creepier, I didn't tell Jhon anything about the place and it already creeps him out and refused to take photos in several locations. Jhon can 'see' certain things and when Mr Jhon said No or Let's Go, you should listen.

That was the only weird part of the outing while the rest was beautiful.
By the way, see where the tree is? A huge gun was supposed to be placed there. HUGE!!

We got an amazing bird's eye view of the Pasir Panjang Jetty and soon as we reached the beach, it started to drizzle.

Some shots were taken in the rain. Luckily, I got my umbrella.

While walking, I came across these beautiful flowers. It was the first time I ever seen such flowers and I love it that it looks like sea anemones!! Perfect for photo taking!

Just a few metres away, there was another tree that blooms a similar flower but bigger and it reminded me of fireworks.

Small 'lighthouse' and the infamous "Dragon's tooth".

We then came across to this part of the park where there is a pier where you can stand as the waves crashes in. FUN LEH!! I wish I didn't had shoes on that day. =(

That was the last spot of the park, headed out, had lunch and went home.

Would I go there again? Yes, but not up the hill. The place seriously creeps me out.


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