Collecting Containers Like an Auntie

I can't deny the inevitable signs of becoming an 'auntie'.

For the past few years, I have been more excited than not for boxes or containers and yes, it has come to a point to buying just for the containers even when the actual product is not appealing to me.

For example, I don't like moon cakes but I have several moon cake boxes and bags. Luckily, moon cakes were given at work so as everyone else was enjoying them, I would take the boxes and bags. hehe

I had bought a car shaped box only because it was so freaking cool but the chocolate inside were those unbranded sucky ones..

This is my recent buy. A simple tin box but the chocolates are awesome because its M&Ms and Snickers! I bought it at Watsons and I guess it was in lieu of Christmas. This year, there is so many pretty boxes and you have no idea how hard I have to control myself!

Perhaps one day I will blog a post on my box collection. It's quite small (thank God) but I love them!

Yummy mini sized chocolates to perhaps control my diet.. =P

It can be a pencil box or a jewelry box but I already have in mine what to keep in it. =X



  1. but the boxes you kept is cool, so it is cute not really auntie :p I like to keep them too xp but on a hot day, I will get irritated at the collection and throw them away. (room too messy xp)

  2. Thanks for not thinking I am an auntie. hahaha
    I would never throw my boxes but I tend to throw 'nice' shopping bags on a 'hot' day.

  3. Where did you buy these? I need to find a snickers tin and I can't find them.

  4. Hi Starjo, I bought it at Watsons, specifically at Funan IT Mall. =)