Homemade Chicken Rice

Obviously not cooked by me but my mom. >_<
It was actually a first time she cooked and as expected, it was awesomely delicious!

Delicious enough to make me blog the same day she cooked it!

It was actually fairly easy as I watched and helped her cook. Mainly consist of chicken stock, soya sos and wonderful judgement of amount of condiments. Oh yeah, she also cooked a special gravy for the chicken compared to the standard light soya sauce. It mainly consisted of chicken stock, dark & light soya sauce and corn starch to make it thick in consistancy.

Do you much I ate? I ate 3 servings worth of Nasi Ayam!! The best part is that somehow the dish does not feel very filling which is a good thing because it means I can eat all my hearts content without feeling bloated.

I want morree!


  1. yum yum . Slurp . u made me super hungry now . . after reading abt cupcakes now homecook meal . . WAH !! :D~