Reminiscing 2011

Alas, it is the last weekend of the year 2011 and time for the obligatory look back of what I have been through.

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January 2011 started in a good way as my sister gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named, Irfan Anaqi Bin Saparin.

He will be turning 1 in less than a month and he has been nothing but a bagful of cuteness.

On March, I get to experience snow for the first time. Albeit it was fake but it was good enough for me. Jhon and I went to the Snow City at Jurong and despite it was a small area, we had lots of fun.

On April, Fizah, Jhon and I went to Bali!!! It was a first time trip there and also our first independent vacation. It was beautiful, relaxing and we were lucky to yet again get a private tour with a wonderful tour guide. It was the month I turned 27 and it was definitely nice way to celebrate my birthday.

On May, the entire family went to Universal Studios Singapore. It has been a while since our last family outing so it was quite enjoyable. I love this picture the most, everyone looked so happy and wacky.

On June, Jhon and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary together by going to the Singapore Zoo (Jhon's first visit) and went to Bedok Reservoir for a small picnic. Sure there were hiccups but our love has always been the same since day 1. That month I also decided to have short bangs! It was somehow a drastic change on my outlook and I love it although on some days, it can be a hassle.

On July, we went to Kylie Minoque concert and watched Lion King the Musical. Both shows were absolutely fantastic, definitely best shows of the month.


The best concert of the year would be by The Cranberries on August. They are one of my favourite bands and it was as fantastic as EVER! Coldplay and The Cranberries now share as number 1 best concerts I have ever been to.

On October, Jhon celebrated his 29th birthday and along with Fizah, we watched our first ever stand up comedy starring one of Asia's popular comedians like Kumar, Harith Iskandar etc.It was utterly hilarious and we would definitely keep an extra look out for more shows like these next year.

And the last month of the year was memorable with experiencing a lunar eclipse.

These were the best memories of 2011 among others.

Although these recollections seems to be all happy and wonderful, no doubt, there were sad ones too. I simply wish not to blog about it as they were too personal. All I can say is cleaning people's mess sucks especially when you do not have much in the first place and every help was taken for granted.

For 2012, I hope for more new experiences, new adventures, more love and compassion.
A simply good new year.

Happy New Year, Everyone!


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