Penguruan Pencak Sendeng Camp 2016

My two nephews, Shibly and Syihab are currently are participating in a silat group called Penguruan Pencak Sendeng since early this year. Even Abg had joined as a fighter for while until he tore off his ligament on his bicep so it was just his 2 boys while he and Kak Yana joined as a team managers.

I've watched them practiced and had fought before and it was so amazing to see the young ones strutting their stuff. That was why we were more than happy when Abg and Kak Yana asked us to be the photographer and personal videographer for their camp. It was so last minute and we only had time for 2 of the 3 days. Since they were okay with it, then okay lah. Plus, a little moolah on the side was great too. hehe

The camp was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and as much as I enjoy camping once in a blue moon, I don't think I could survive 2 nights of camping with such a big group, no less. On top of that, it was a rainy weekend which was fun to experience (oh boy, did we all got muddy) but clean up must be so leceh. Jhon and I were glad we get to go home since we needed to charge our stuff.

We missed day 1 but it was mostly silat training, camp chit-chat of goals, discussions, night walks and such. Day 2 was the interesting day because it was that's when they had their matches among themselves. There was also supposed to be team performances too but the day was getting late plus, one team was exceedingly in the lead for their best overall team that it would be fruitless.

I am going to post only some of the photos because there were tonnes.

After their morning walk and reflections, everyone had their breakfast.

Morning warm up.

And the inter-teams matches starts!

I can't resist the cute kiddos.

Father and daughter moment.

Random eagle photo because it happened to soar above us and even call cried out which was amazingly, was a first time for me to hear in real life. Usually, I would hear eagle cries on NatGeo or Assassins Creed.

This boy was excepted from silat but he better buck up next year. He is going to be in Primary 1 and that cute boy act is not working as well as before.

Shibly won his first official fight here. I'm biased so I'm going to bombard many photos of him.

War/ fighting face is never pretty huh? haha

Daddy as his corner man. Abg was beaming with pride that day.

We didn't have any photos of it but after the constant rain, there were plenty of mud all around. The big boys used a tarp for a mini slip and slide. Before we knew it, everyone joined and what supposed to be dumping people on the soapy water tarp, everyone started to dump people on the mud!

Everyone ended up muddy like swamp people! It was fun to watch and probably fun to experience but the thought of cleaning up in a public toilet was horrendous, wasn't it?

Next day, after breakfast and end of camp reflections, it was award ceremony.

Final verdict, it was a successful camp with entertaining moments almost every part of the day and I got really tanned, even more tanned when Jhon and I visited to Cambodia. Go figure!

Thanks to Abg and family for allowing is to be a part of the camp.

Oh yeah!

It was so hilarious when they were doing the lost and found segment where there were unclaimed towels and underwear! Typical camping moments!


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