First Lunar Eclipse Experience on 10 Dec 11

There was lunar eclipse (when Earth is in between the Sun and the Moon) last night and I usually don't bother keeping a look out because I usually can't see it. It's always visible somewhere else in the world or it gets too cloudy.

But when Jhon and I went for a spontaneous dinner at a coffeeshop nearby and casually glanced at the beautiful and bright full moon, we noticed that the bottom of the moon seems to be faded off.

That was when I remembered about the lunar eclipse and I immediately jumped and shrieked in excitement. My stomach was growling at that moment and believe me when I said that I never ate and drank so quickly in my life! I even got to sit outside and I stared at the moon as it slowly dissapears.

The reason I was rushing to finish my dinner, was because I wanted to take photos of the eclipse with my digital camera. Anyone who has ever attempted to take a photo of a moon with a camera phone would understand why. *wink*

I called my sis, I called Fizah, I tweeted, I Facebooked. I told everyone about the eclipse.
I was THAT excited.

By the time I reached home, the Moon was already 3/4 covered so I frantically grabbed my Olympus SZ-10 and tripod stand and let Jhon do his 'thang'.

This is the first time any of us experience a lunar eclipse and it was breathtaking.

Do you notice every time we see something so natural and beautiful we suddenly become philosophical?

Anyways, the eclipse officially started at 7.31pm but I suppose it was officially visible at 8.45pm which was the time that we noticed it. Jhon and I stayed for the entire eclipse which visibly ended at 12.30am.

I feel so lucky to experience it and especially with my love ones. I am so happy that Jhon managed to get awesome shots from a digital camera.

The next total lunar eclipse will be October 2014. I hope we can witness it again.



  1. Oh!Nicely taken,i slept through the whole eclipse,how nice.

  2. Thanks, Thomas. Too bad you missed it. I guess you have to wait 'til 2014. =D

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