FIFA Grassroots Workshop & Festival 2015

A while back, my 2 nephews, Shibly and Syihab joined the FIFA Grassroots Workshop & Festival 2015 organised by FAS Cubs. They don't actually love soccer but just love to kick a ball. haha Since it's something they could do during holidays (for free), their dad, my bro let them attend.

Since I'm not working, I was tasked to take them to and fro Jalan Besar Stadium on weekdays. Too bad Irfan didn't participate because he is the one who really loves soccer.

[Source: FAS Cubs FB]

On Sunday, we went there as a family, Bro, SIL, the boys, Mak, Jhon and myself. Looking at the younger kids in their over sized vests are always so cute. Being 8 years old, Shibly was rather independent and being a good boy as always listening to the coach.

Syihab was hilarious. He had trouble dribbling and basically every aspect of soccer skills needed. But what he lacked in skills, he made up by being adorable. By day 1, almost every coach knows his name

On the way for early dinner after soccer practice.

Bro's friends and their kids who also had participated.

On Monday, with the help Mak, we sent the kids for their session. Most of the time, everyone was playing mini-games among their own group.

Tuesday was when the storm arrived. It had rained so heavily even up to 2.15pm and since we had to take cab, we knew it would be hard to even catch one. In the end, we decided not to go which led me some regret.

The festival was on a Wednesday but I couldn't send the boys because I had other prior commitments so Kak Yana had to take leave.

 [Source: FAS Cubs FB]

[Source: FAS Cubs FB]

Fortunately, bro came along too and had taken a video of their grand finale because it would complete my vlog! Too bad the video quality was not consistent but at least it's complete hehe.

By the end of the festival, I was told everyone had recognized Syihab and even the older girls were giggling and swooning over him. OMG.. Is that a good thing or bad thing?


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