Cupcake Baking Class

Last weekend, Jhon and I went for a cupcake baking class held by TheCookClub. I have always liked baking and always wanted to try baking cupcakes but I do not have the confidence to try myself out even though I knew it was easy. Mainly because I usually bake cookies and biscuits.

I asked my sis to follow too but she is so busy during the weekends that she would'nt the have time. When I told Jhon about it, I was suprised that we was interested and volunteered to follow. I was one happy camper since I have someone to accompany me!

Our chef, Cecelia was very friendly, helpful and her class was very light hearted and easy; no pressure at all.

The first cupcake we did is Tiramasu Cupcake.

It has the most ingredients and some skills needed for the frosting. Nonetheless, because the ingredients were already there and with a good chef, it was actually fairly easy.

We baked the Passion fruit and Carrot cupcake next.

Please ignore the horrible frosting for the carrot cupcake because the cupcake was still warm when we put the frosting so it melted. =(((

As for the taste, the cupcakes were heavenly! They were soft, delicious with the right amount of sweetness with a creamy frosting.

To tell you the truth, I was never a big fan of cupcakes because perhaps I have never tried one that is truly delicious. I ate 4-5 cupcakes at one go. The best part was that we baked it by ourselves!

I would rate the Tiramasu as the best, Passion fruit second and carrot cupcake last. I would definitely bake them again. I just can't get enough of them.

Thanks The Cook Club!



  1. Good looking cupcakes! Yummy!! Where exactly do they conduct their classes? Am also keen to learn how to!

  2. Lovely outcome as I can see the cupcakes being done.

  3. hey babe! I've made my first cupcake all by myself in the kitchen alone with Laura in the kitchen on youtube!!

  4. @mistarJ You may visit for more details

    @Nava.K Thanks =)

    @Lisa Thanks for sharing!