Vintage Cars, Gasing, Collectible Stamps. Oh My!

The Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM) was the third and last heritage themed museum we went.

Among all three exhibitions, SPM is the most fun because it was mostly hands on. You can touch and play with most of the items there and it definitely brought out the kid in Jhon, Fizah and I.

The main exhibition was mostly about stamps and before you roll your eyes from boredom, it was very interesting! We got to see how it was design, made and the history of postage.

Unique stamps made of wood, designed with Swarovski diamonds, glow in the dark and even made of vinyl!

Check out these quirky mail boxes! I told Jhon, must take a picture of me taking mail from such mailboxes because I know I will never own a bungalow house and get to do this. (This is acceptance of reality hehe)

More stamps and its origins.

Random elephant themed area.

Next to the area, we constantly hear people clapping and it turns out, there is a mini 'wayang' show and tell but it was for kids. Fizah and I was standing near door because there was a puzzle nearby but we constantly turn around to see what was the commotion about. Needless to say, we were invited to watch it. hehe

The room was filled with kids with parents and we were the only ones unaccompanied by children. =P
Anyways, it was quite fun and interesting. They showed how they dance in a Chinese 'wayang'.

The room has also a little compartment where you can pretend your picture is in a stamp. tee hee!

Moving up to level two, there was a room of mostly cultural topics.
You see the picture in the bottom right corner? It's a picture of a 'mama' or provisional shop and I was just taking a close look of it and I realized it sells a lot of sex related stuff! It sells dildos for God's sake! hahahaha

Next room was history of postage and I am sure some Singaporeans will recognize some of the old mailboxes.

Here are old ways of communicating besides from postage.

See the 'Ang moh' lady next to Fizah! *pokerface*

Random Tintin artwork. It was the only room where photography was disallowed but EVERYONE still took pictures. *badpokerface*

Another random room, bunnies!!

Outside at the garden, there was an area filled with old 'kampung' games. Our favourite was 'gasing' which is a game of spin top. Jhon impressed everyone with his skills until he was asked to teach a girl how to throw the 'gasing'.

Last exhibition we went was the vintage cars. Mind you, these cars are actually owned by someone and not just for display in the museum. Jealous!

It was definitely one of the most fun museum I went to because I get to be as kiddy as much I want and the people working there were as fun and light hearted too.

We ended the day with a nice late lunch at Pastamania. Yum yum..



  1. Wow.. If I'm rich I will love to buy some vintage car

  2. Gosh! All those vintage stuffs.. I could spend hours there without getting bored.

  3. Great sharing, Zany! Thks for joining my SK-II Giveaway, introducing me to your blog! Hope to see u more often @ Shirley's Luxury Haven :) Happy holidays!