Don't Forget the Music of Your Roots

Music has always been a big part of our lives.
 Rock, Pop, Techno, Ballads etc from all kinds languages and countries but we tend to forget one of the sources of music.

Music from our roots. Music heard from our great-great grandparents.

No synthesisers, no electronic instruments, just music from instruments at it's orginal form.

Last week, Jhon, Fizah and I went to Bussorah Mall at Kampong Glam to listen good 'ol traditional Malay/Indonesian music.

We met after work and since the performance started at 9pm, we had dinner nearby.

It was the first time Jhon and I ate at that specific restaurant (sorry forgot the name) and despite the long period of waiting time, the food was actually delicious. I am not crazy about their Hummus but their meat was juicy and flavourful. Jhon's beef kebab was the best.

With tummy filled with food, we excitedly walked towards the mini stage as the group did a sound check by playing some music.

This is somewhat new to Jhon while Fizah and I had high expectations. The sounds from each instrument was beautiful and the voice of the female lead was hauntingly alluring.

I got to admit, it was a tad boring in some parts and I blame myself as I overexpose myself to too much modern music that I can't truly appreciate slow but rhythmic notes as compared to fast notes. I suppose the best example would be like classical music from Bach or Mozart. Amusing at first but hard to latch on in the long run unless you are a true blue fan.

Anyways, we capture several snippets of their performance. The quality is quite bad but I think I managed to salvage it by editing to Sephia. haha Everything was captured by a digicam so night mode was pretty crappy.

The male lead overpowers the female lead via video but I guess you can roughly hear her beautiful voice. 

Despite it all, the 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was an eye opener and it was nice to appreciate such music at such a beautiful place (with Masjid Sultan overlooking) at a private setting.


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