Laser Tag At East Coast Park

For Shibly's birthday, Abg brought us to Tag Team at East Coast Park Parkland.

Jhon and I have went there before when they recently opened but we went to the Battle Zone with bigger guns using a military simulated gun replica weighting 2.5kg called the Cobras. The Cobras has a shooting range of 150-200m which could cover the distance of the Battle Zone from one end to the other. Minimum age allowed is about 6-7 years old but as long as the kid can carry the gun, there is no problem! The place is not air-conditioned but sheltered. Of course, I lost to Jhon but it was legit fun even it was just 15 minutes.

Since we have Syihab (5 years old) around, we had to go to the Mystery Room. It's smaller compared to the Battle Zone but it's air-conditioned. There is no need to wear a sensor vest unlike the Battle Zone. The gun used is called the Scorpion which is smaller and weigh less than 1kg. Even though this room is catered to younger kids, adults can play too!

In one glance, paying S$15 for just 15 mins may seem steep but trust me, if you really play properly, you will sweat!

For the first mission/ game, everyone had played except for Mak. She thought it would be too tiring for her even trying to coax her. We had our first round with Abg, Kak Yana, Shibly, Syihab, Syazan, Jhon and I. Abg, Jhon and I had sweat like crazy because we were really into it. lol

Red Team consists of Abg, Kak Yana and the 2 kids while Blue Team was Syazan, Jhon and I. Of course, we won lol.

The kids wanted to play some more so Abg requested another round but this time all of us kept insisitng that Mak join us. She was apprehensive when she saw us covered in sweat but I just told her, she could be a 'camper' lol. You know, just hide but only shoot when someone appears in front of her. In the end, she joined us.

She had a great time! If you watch my vlog below, you could see her scurrying here and there chasing her grandchildren. haha We did fell but it was a slow motion fall so it was okay.
So Blue team won again and you could see how 'unhappy' Kak Yana was. It was so funny.

Here's the laser tag vlog. Sorry for the shakiness and grainy video. It's hard to concentrate to record properly when I am also trying to enjoy the fun, you know. Plus, I don't have any gimbal or any sort. Mystery room was not brightly lit because mystery mah... lol

We headed to CentrePoint and had lunch at Desa Kartika. It's the first time Jhon and I went there and it's good to see the place in person since we did knew that weddings can be held there. Actually, the ambiance was pretty nice and cozy. It's the place was not that big but definitely not cramp. As for the food that day, errm... not that awesome though. Although Abg and Kak Yana did mention it was good quite some time ago when they had eaten here.

Abg and Mak 'sleeping' lol

Afterwards, we headed to Toys R Us express. Yet again, first time there and for an express store, it's humongous! I also appreciate that there were not many people there. Of course the kids got their toys galore that day. 

I just bought Jhon a dancing skeleton. He was laughing hysterically whenever he saw it danced so I decided to buy for him. He can put it on his work desk and whenever he is stressed, he can just wind it up. I find the skeleton hilarious too but it's actually overpriced leh.

We later then went to Swenson's nearby to buy an ice-cream cake and celebrated at our place. 

Mak's eyes are always caught close on camera.

Thank you Abg for having us!


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