Turning Paper into Optimus Prime

My nephew who is turning 4 in 2 months likes to request things that us grown up could not perform.

Recently, his best request would be.

To his utter disappointment, our answer is always no because we do know how to turn a blank piece of paper into a transformer. In fact, fixing his transformer toy from a robot to a car (and vice versa) is almost like fixing a rubix cube.

But a few weeks ago, I came across paper crafting and with all happiness; I printed the template and brought it home.

I asked my sis and bro the same question that Shibly likes to ask “Can you turn this into Optimus Prime?” and as they grinned, I flipped the paper that revealed an Optimus Prime template and smugly declared “I CAN!!”

Unfortunately, Shibly was sleeping but as soon as I was done with breaking my fast, I started with my craft.
Undoubtedly, it was an easy template but since it was my first time and too much excitement, I sort of ruined the tabs to slot. I am also not sure it was due to the type of paper I used but when I creased the paper, the ink ran off so the corners are imperfect.

But either way, I think it looks awesome!

And I can say that Optimus Prime just came back from fighting that’s why his paint on his edges seemed scraped off.

Shibly was intrigued by it when he woke up and saw that I was almost done.

Shibly: Mak Su, what are you doing?

Me: I am building Optimus Prime out of paper!

Shibly: Noooo.. Daddy says cannot!

Me: Yes I can! *smug face* (lol)

Shibly: *silence* after that, turn into a car okay?


Anyways, thanks to Shibly, I’m hooked on paper crafting now.


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  1. heyya, lst time dropping ^^
    loving the Optimus Prime paper toy~
    so cute~