Iftar with Fireworks

My mom and sis has been always been avid fans of fireworks but for some apparent reason, they only like to watch it on the actual day of National Day Parade instead of the rehearsal days. And when they do, they would leave the house late, had to beat the massive traffic and searched for a parking spot that is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Most of the times when I follow my family to watch fireworks, we usually can barely see them.

So this time, I asked them to follow me to watch fireworks. The only catch is that we have to leave the house early. Unfortunately, my sis was unable to follow us because she went to Johor with her in-laws so it was just mom, bro, sis-in-law, Shibly, Syihab, Jhon and I.

It was also the fasting month so mom cooked 'jemput-jemput bawang', brought hot coffee to break fast and we bought chicken rice before we went on our way.

We reached Marina Bay Sands about 5+pm and by that time, the place was already packed and immediately, we got mentally ready for what may seem a never ending quest of an empty parking lot.

But the Gods of Carpark seemed to shine on us because as soon as we turned in to enter the carpark, another entry (for lorries) opened and we got a parking spot in 1 minute.

Not only that, we also managed to get the spot that Jhon and I went previously so it was perfect.
Waiting time was undoubtedly somewhat nerve wrecking only because of the certain group of people who were stubborn and wanted to squeeze into the pathway we were in. Thanks to the 2 prams and 1 foldable chair, we managed to "secure" our spot. hehehee

We managed to watch the air and water shows and the sunset was simply beautiful.

Luckily, Syihab slept throughout the show until he was woken up by the 21 gun salute. We were ready for him to cry because of the blasts but he didn't cry at all and didn't even flinched! Shibly was a good boy too until he had a craving for an ice-cream.

When the fireworks started, everyone went wild and I was somewhat surprised that my bro was a screamer for fireworks and for once, the fireworks video was not overwhelmed with my shrill screaming. haha

By this time Shibly was sleeping but mom managed to wake him up so he managed to catch the last set of fireworks.

Overall, despite of the wait and irritating people, I was glad that everyone enjoyed the day because I knew my bro and sis-in-law was not keen at to follow because of the crowd but they absolutely it that they managed to finally get to get an awesome view.

But most importantly, my mom managed to watch fireworks; the main reason I asked everyone out.


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