Shibly's Scrapbook

We had our little outing last week with a reason in mind, for Shibly's scrapbook project.
[click here for the outing]

I thought of a location while Jhon was the paparazzi for the day, taking photos for the scrapbook. I love family outings and projects!

The parents did most of the work while Shibly mingled around. lol

The parents took much pride in this because just like the previous scrapbook project, all parents simply typed out and print out the work while they did by scratch.

What is a scrapbook if it is not made from scraps? haha

There was no mention of limited number of pictures although most had 4-5 pages but they over did to 7 pages. I didn't blame them though, there were many nice photos to choose from. 

I miss doing projects!


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