Win Tickets to ITALIA!


Thanks to NuffnangSG, I won tickets to watch Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 premiere gala due to my Cars Cars blog post.

Jhon couldn’t make it due to his bowling tournaments, so I asked Fizah out who happen to be a big fan of Cars. She squealed yes with delight which meant I made the right decision. Haha

We came by at The Cathay early as usual and managed to snap a few pictures before we redeemed our tickets.

The movie was expectantly wonderful with more actions scenes compared to other Disney's movies. It was also undoubtedly funny and adorable watching cars doing action scenes like using a grapple to climb structures. The storyline was quite intriguing and heartwarming too.

In the movie, McQueen and Mater had travel to several countries such as Japan, France, England and Italy.

Sighs, Italy, the land of pastas, pizzas and beautiful architecture.

That dream will may be a reality by joining this contest!

All you have to do is check in to all the 5 locations and you may win a pair of tickets for TRIP TO ITALY!
Not only that, you may also win movie premiums!

I think the contest is quite interesting and unique especially you don't have your own transport.

So if you want to have a mini amazing race of your own with a chance of winning airline tickets to Italy, JOIN NOW!!


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