DIY Marco Lens & Photography

Thanks to Pinterest, I decided to try their DIY marco where you extract the lens of a laser pointer and attached it to your handphone.

Things I used.

Mini flashlight at S$4.90 (lens of laser pointers I found are too small)
Hairpin (I have plenty lying around)
Handphone of your choice. (My Sony Xperia Z3)
Pliers to dismantle the mini flashlight.
Tape to fasten to handphone.

I had Jhon to help me to remove the lens with a pair of pliers and I taped to the handphone.
Immediately, Jhon and I went into a photography frenzy. It works awesomely!

How close up can it get? We took pictures of S$10 up close.

Words you can't see with the naked eye.

Mak witnessed our little project and she lend us her jewelry for close ups.

I noticed that if the item is not very small, the edges do get blurry. It actually works better if the item is really small.

Of course, must attempt at the eye photography. It's not perfect but it does it's job and quite commendable for a DIY lens.

More random pictures

This DIY Marco lens works well. Give it a try!


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