Naan and Smurfs

Fizah, Jhon and I met up for Iftar as joke because we usually don't meet up to break fast and we mock others who would enthusiastically plan to meet up with old acquaintances and iftar as a group.

Anyways, Fizah managed to find a good deal to have our Indian dinner by the pool like "atas" people at Riverwalk Tandoor in Landmark Village Hotel.

Food was not what you call top notched even though there were certain dishes like the Curry Chicken and Naan were delicious, the other dishes were ordinary to me.

How crazy was I about the Naan? I didn't realized that I had probably ate 4-5 whole pieces even after eating Briyani until Fizah pointed it out.

Then, there was this fruit punch which was our welcome drink that we were making a big fuss about.

Fizah and Jhon drank it first and they were crazy about it so I purposely saved it for last so that I can boast to them that I still have a full glass of punch while theirs were finished or finishing. This is what happened to us after drinking the fruit punch.


After the sugar rush and mellowed down, we finally left the place and take pictures on our way out.

We headed to Bugis Village for a while to just walk around and kill time and apparently, there was a Smurf exhibition of decorated Smurfs figurines done by celebrities. I got to admit, some where rather nice and I suppose it also brings out the personality of each celebrities.

It was a fun night, especially that sugar rush moment. =D


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