Yellow Man-Faced Stink Bug in Singapore

I never thought I would ever see a man-faced stink bug in my life. Only because I only knew of them through the internet and didn't thought there was any in Singapore. Ignorance. hehe

Until 1 night, Jhon and I were under the block, exiting the lift lobby to do our cat duties and a yellow thingy caught my eye. Initially, I thought it was a little yellow toy car until further inspection, It was a very cool bug. I am scared of bugs so usually I kept my distance while Jhon took a picture. It was 1 inch big and was just chilling in the middle of the area.

I did not recognized the bug because I was trying to keep my cool as I kept asking Jhon if this bug could fly. I don't want it to suddenly fly to my face, ya know? Jhon told me, no. After 1-2 minutes, the bug FLEW!!! Luckily, to the opposite direction.

Later on, Jhon sent me the photo and that's when it hit me as I saw it. The face on the back.

I guess knowing the bug was no where near me and able to think rationally, that's when it clicked me. I was so excited for reasons I think no one can relate to. lol All these while, I called it samurai faced bug.

It was also then I realized it was a stink bug and I was so glad we didn't get stunk. 

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