The Cranberries Live in Singapore (With Videos!)

Ridiculous Thoughts, Promises, Linger, Zombie, Ode to My Family, Salvation, Animal Instinct, Just My Imagination, When You’re Gone and that is just a few of The Cranberries’ hits.

And nothing is better than listening to them live and in the flesh. Yes, The Cranberries had come to Singapore for a concert and on the first day of Ramadhan no less. Before you can judge me, you tell me, which is better. Being pious only once a year for a month or being realistic and true to faith at an even level throughout?

Anyways, we managed to get great seats and while waiting, Jhon and I said Hi-Hello to my good ol’ friend, Wati and her husband. It was the first time I saw her ever since she got pregnant and she looks so cute!

Undoubtedly, The Cranberries performance was spectacular! Dolores still owns her beautiful singing voice and looks great and the band was simply flawless.

The audience were where somewhat like Kylie Minoque’s concert. They only stood up to dance and sing to only the songs that they know. There were several of people staring at me as I went crazy rocking out and singing to Ridiculous Thoughts and Promises.

As usual, I stood, sang and rocked out the entire concert because I am an avid fan of their music. It is definitely the top 3 of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Jhon and I also managed to be home quite early than usual because thanks to Wati & Adi, they sent us home! It was so sweet of them.

To those who didn’t go to the concert, you missed a helluva of a show.


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