Toy Musuem and Other Random Places

It was a last minute outing and all I can say is that I was glad my weekends was open and available. The night before, my SIL asked me for a nice place to visit for Shibly's holiday scrapbook project.

Initially they wanted to go to the science art museum at Marina Bay Sands. I recommended the Mint Toy museum which I thought would be much more fun for him. It also means, show and tell will be presented with full of gusto. Jhon and I have been to the Mint toy museum before [click here] but we were excited to go there again! This time, with Mom and Bro's family.

Shibly and Syihab LOVED it! They were in awe with all the toys on display. When we first started, there were many people so they were obedient, trying to check out the toys. There were several rude people but as long the kids were not hurt or cranky, it was fine.

I feel great knowing that I made the right choice. Jhon was requested to help take photos of the outing for the scrapbook and it was easy to capture the moments when everyone is enjoying themselves.

Shibly also found one of is favorite toy, the Batman mobile. Jhon told me he kept going back to the shelf to look at it.

There were mascots and it would be a perfect addition to the scrapbook but Shibly was shy/scared. I managed to convinced him that it will be okay because he will be taking a photo with his parents and they will not let anything bad happen to him.

As for Syihab, he can't even stand a few feet near them without panicking. lol

When we reached the last floor, the crowd has subsided and the kids turn the place into a playground, mostly play Spaceman vs Aliens.

After the visit, while we decided where to eat, the kids continued playing. lol

We ended up in Breeks at Takashimaya where Syihab turned into a cranky monster!! He cried and screamed until it was embarrassing. Abg and Kak Yana had to take him out of the place several times.

When Jhon offered to take over, immediately, they turned playful again. Should have sent Jhon earlier. =P

After that, we went to the LV Maison whatever. Kak Yana called it the LV island at Marina Bay Sands. The ladies bought LV handbags wor... I was offered but I am not into buying random branded bags. If I don't need it, I won't buy it. Needless to say, I was standing with the guys and kids on this one. 

In afternoon, Shibly overheard my mom mentioned Gardens by the Bay and throughout the entire outing, he kept asking when we were going. It was supposed to be in the late afternoon but since the ladies got hooked at the LV Island, day turned into night.

To avoid disappointment,  we made a quick visit just to keep our promise. 
You have no idea how happy it was although it was dark and crowded with people who were somewhat lost looking for the carpark. lol

We went home after 45 minutes or so because everyone was clearly tired and the kids were starting to get cranky for it too.

It was a fun day! I miss family outings like these.. 


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