DIY This, DIY That.

Whether it’s to save cost or to add uniqueness or personal touch to your wedding, DIY can be fun if you enjoy arts and crafts.

Some BTBs goes hardcore to a point of DIY her pelamin (good for her for having plenty of family members to help her) while some just decorate their wedding trays by themselves. To each its own capabilities and hardwork.

As for me and as for now, my aim is to DIY bunga rampai, wedding trays, guestbook, henna and just maybe (50/50) wedding favours.

I've actually started on my bunga rampai and my family is raving about it. Not that it’s super awesome and beautiful but I guess it’s cute and somewhat different. All I can say is that I’m glad I have passion in it, if not, tak kuasa! Plus, I started early so I can take my time.

I'm done for hers, now deciding patterns for him.

I will update and write about my DIY project individually when it’s due.
As for now, the brain keeps on percolating.


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