Memories in Hard Copy

We are living a generation where most people just love taking photos and thanks to Instagram, this ’hobby’ booms even bigger.

Food, click. Babies, click. Sunrise, click. Flowers, click.

Yes, I am one of those people. I am not as active like most but I do understand taking pictures that may seem its objective insignificant to some. It simply strikes a memory, memory of that moment or of that day. At least that is how I felt or think.

How about photos of outings and events especially taken by a camera? We automatically upload to social media websites such as Facebook and blogs. Gone are the days of a photo album. Once in a blue moon, I would take out my old photo albums with pictures taken long before internet and social media. I would smile or grimaced (depending on which stage of growth I was – everyone has their WTF period).

Nowadays, you need an internet connect and to log in to see photos and I doubt one social media can keep photos worth decades.

That is why; Jhon and I decided to gather all our photos into a photo album. Yes, print and compile 5 years worth of photos and mind you, we had been to MANY outings. Jhon initially wanted to create a scrapbook but it would cost a lot more money and time. When we started the photo album, it was the most fun I ever had.

It was nice to see how we grow physically and mentally as a couple.

Firstly, I had never done couple photo albums before. Secondly, placing thousands of photos was easier and faster compared to an actual scrapbook. Lastly, it was so nice to reminisce that long of a memory with Jhon.

4-5 weekends later, we managed to complete 1 album worth 3-4 years worth of photos.

Sounds like we are almost done but I believe we had even more outings between 4th and 5th year. I can’t wait to bring it up to date and slowly fill the empty pages with new outings.

I strongly encourage everyone to do so too. Start printing and have hard copy pictures of the people, places and outings you’ve been to. Nothing beats a hardcopy memory.


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