New Hairstyle With Remarkable Reactions

Those who are following me in the world of Twitter should know by now that I have donned a new hairstyle.

I have short bangs now and the last time I had them was probably more than 10 years ago. I decided to cut my bangs because I wanted to look like this.

Thanks for watching Emma Stone in Zombie land.
Well, I ended up looking like this.

You have no idea, how much fuss and reaction I get by just cutting my bangs!!

The most common comment was that I look different (which was partly the idea). In fact, my mom gave me the strangest look ever when she saw me, as if I was not her child. Haha

At first I had my love-hate relationship with it because I was definitely not accustomed to the new do but I am beginning to embrace it. hehe One thing I like about this hairstyle is that I look younger ;D

Oh yeah, I get rude comments too, on how I look like a PRC citizen. -_- Actually if you look up “PRC girls” in the search engine, you will see many pretty girls but unfortunately, the PRC girls that are commonly found here are from main land. They have this reputation of being obnoxious, messy, loud, ignorant and never/ hardly take showers. You know, the “tak mandi, tak cebok” kind.

So by saying I look like a PRC citizen (not just Chinese looking), the first thing in my mind is “You are saying that I look like I didn’t take a shower!?!?”


Not only that, the stares I get in public are different now.

Usually its “Dayuumm.. That girl is looking gooodd” look. Hahaha okay kidding. The looks that I get are the positive and sometimes flattering but NOW, I tend to attract spiteful looks!

OMG, the way they way people stare, especially women, it’s as if I was suspected of stealing their food or something. Now I know how the FT (foreign talent) feels because apparently, many Singaporean hates foreigners. Me, I am in love with one Filipino so yeah, I am pro-foreigners because they are doing jobs we don’t like to do, YAY!

But I digress.

I also get extra attention by looking like a PRC compared to a Singaporean/Indonesian/Malaysian Chinese because they are amazed by my command of English. Not that I’m implying that my English is superb but when people see me, they expect me to talk like this.

But instead, I pronouced my words much better despite of the standard singlish words like "lah"
So they will look flabbergasted and stare at me as if they are boring into my soul. If only I can give them a heart attack by speaking Malay! Hahahaha I can’t wait to meet up with Fizah to do that. =P

Well, yeah, I am kinda having fun with people’s reactions at this moment of time. It’s annoying but I am refusing to let my bags grow so I just got to deal with it. =D

Oh yeah, I also suddenly have FB friend requests by CREEPY GUYS!! Please don’t tell me I not only look like a PRC, but also a PRC GRO (Guest Relations Officer for gentlemen’s club or Karaoke Clubs).

[by the way, Joe has a PRC wife with a kid =pppp]




  1. I think you waste too much wondering what people think about you, if they envy, hate or love your new hairdo... and seriously you shouldn't worry about that because what really matters is how do you feel about yourself, do you like the bangs? that's what matters, because people will always hate or love, we cannot please everyone.

  2. Hi Lizzy! Thanks for commenting. I don't wonder what people think about me, they are all facts of people's reactions :)

    Don't worry, I am not severely affected by other people. I was merely sharing the reactions of my new hair do.

    P/S: Still owning my bangs ;)