Anniversary Date At Bedok Reservoir Park

This is not our first anniversary picnic date. It was just that the first one was so simple and great, we decided to do it again and yep, we even bought the same food. hhehehe

Initially we planned to picnic at East Coast Park but the outing at the zoo was so tiring that we decided a place nearby our homes which was Bedok Reservoir Park.

Ta da! We are very "on" hor?

Our sandwiches. I love croissants!!

And.. Salad! yum yum!

One of the things I like about this park is that it has beautiful sunsets and naturally, I wanted to play with cellulites silhouettes.

Twenty Three, our special number.

I know this shot is sooooooooooooo corny but I can't help it because the picture calls for it. hehe
and yeah, my side profile is not flattering because I was controlling not to laugh. XD

The sky is on fire!

As the sun fully sets and the moon began to rise, we spent the night away enjoying each other's company until it was time to go home.

It was a lovely night. =)


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