Lion King and Fireworks

Over the weekend, Jhon and I went to Marina Bay Sands to watch Lion King and then watched fireworks for pre National Day Parade at Marina Bay Sands.

Nothing beats watching what you love with someone you love. ;)

We started the day with lunch at Geylang. We were sort of a regular customer there and the boss was really friendly.

We then headed to MBS for our first ever official musical, Lion King.

It was as awesome as expected although we expected a bigger stage. I absolutely love the lady who played as the baboon because her voice was super duper nice!!! And there a couple of actors/actresses who were really good. The only bad comment is that there are certain drama-mama parts which I think something we could do without.

After the show, we had an early dinner at the MBS food court. We ordered from the Indonesian food stall and ordered Ayam penyet. I couldn't decide what to drink and asked Jhon to "surprise me" and he bought a coconut drink and it was superbly sweet and yummy!

We then went outside to wait for the fireworks. It was still early so we took touristy photos while all the guys with uber professional camera equipment look upon.

Luckily, while waiting for the fireworks, there were several sky shows to watch which was a standard thing for every NDP.

Finally, FIREWORKS!!!

This year's or at least the day's fireworks was fantastic!! I was beaming and screaming with joy. It was probably one of the best so far. I hope to watch more fireworks next week! wwwwee!!!

Below is our video taken by my iPhone. Pardon my high pitched screaming... lol


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