Before & After Picture

Recently, I went to the Singapore Zoological Garderns and while exploring the place, I took a picture at the same exact spot as I had previously taken years ago.
It was sort of a personal joke between Fizah and I so I thought I could take it to another level.

The cool thing was, I didn't realized that it was taken on the exact same month, 4 years ago!

One was taken via a handphone camera and one is a semi pro camera.
No prizes for guessing which is which right.

Can someone explain to me how come I look younger and fresher compared to 4 years ago? Perhaps it was just the quality of the photo but can I be in denial? So, horray for looking better!

Oh yeah, I also happen to pose almost exactly the same too! hehehe

Okay, why is taking a picture with a toad is such a big deal? It was because at that time, I told Fizah I MUST take photo with it. My reason was since I loathe anything slimy, toads included, this is probably the only time I will take a picture this close to a toad (even though it was fake)

sighs, I know, it was lame but it comes with the zzanyy package.


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