Spontaneity With Cable Cars

It was just a normal outing with Fizah and Jhon on a weekend. We also went to Mountbatten Mount Faber because Jhon wanted to join a bowling club and how can one not go to Vivo City while at Mount Faber right?

But first, we had our dinner at the coffeeshop at the nearest bus interchange. It has a wonderful view of the cable cars and I immediately asked them "Wanna take a cable car ride??"

Fizah excitedly answered yes because she has never taken a cable ride before! As for Jhon, he didn't mind at all. He has already rode it with me so he was a little "ya-ya papaya" with Fizah. haha

Well, due to the spontaneity, we didn't have a camera in hand so we had to use our camera phones so that explains the poor quality pictures. =P

Fizah was equally excited and scared because of the height but it was all good. It was a first for me and Jhon to take a cable car ride at night and it was really nice and cooling.

We just roamed around Sentosa for less than 2 hours and went back taking the cable car again.  I know it sounds silly but that is the point of being spontaneous right? You do it for no apparent reason with no conclusion.

We went home after that. I love being spontaneous!


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