Kylie Minogue In Singapore

Clearly this is an long overdue post but here it is nonetheless.

Jhon and I went to Kylie Minogue Aphrodite Concert!!
It was only late last year when Jhon told me if she is coming to Singapore, he wants to go and as if she was answering his wishes, she did!

This is the first concert we went to via Stadium MRT and I love it! Usually we would alight at Kallang MRT station and take a bus to the indoor stadium that would take quite some time due to traffic. Via Stadium MRT station, we managed to reach the place 1 hour early.

Anyways, while looking for our seats, I noticed something green on every seats and guess what? Free Kylie balloons courtesy of Starhub!

Jhon and I quickly inflated it and took pictures. There were also lights when you shake it but I was very keen to save the battery life for the concert. =P

Kylie's concert was expectantly dramatic, theatrical and awesome!!! After all these years, her voice is flawless, powerful and not forgetting looking beautiful!

Unfortunately, her fans kinda suck. There was a lot of variety of age groups but it was clear that many of them are not very "on". What I meant is that they only stood up and dance on songs that they know so the entire concert consists of people standing up and down on every other songs. -_-

Other than that, we had a fantastic time!

Here's a video of her finale. Theatrical is an understatement!
[Video is not mine but from another fan]


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