Anniversary Date At The Zoo

We spent the 1st part of the day spending our 4th year anniversary date at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. Believe it or not, Jhon has never visited a Zoo in his life, not even in Philippines so this is a special outing for him.

Pictures time!!
(When Jhon's eye bags are not so prominent, his eyes looks small ya?)

Upon entry, MARMOSETS! My favourite monkey because they look so adorable.

Can you spot the crocodile? When we arrived, they have just started the feeding time so we get to see many animals on the move and munching away.

Hakuna Matata?

Lemurs, giant bats, slots and etc everywhere up close and personal.
At the lower right corner, it seems that I am holding a little snake but it was fake. =P 

Reptiles! Me like!

Shedding lizard and me sitting on a giant turtle.. Weeee

Penguins and the most lovey dovey Dugongs EVER!! They hugged and since they used their flippers to hug each other, they can't stay afloat so they sank to the bottom of the tank... hugging. Awwwww...

After exploring the zoo on foot, we finished off the trip by taking a tram ride and made a another trip around the zoo. We knew the outing will be tiring but it was so tiring that we started to get a little cranky because our feet started to hurt. =(

Other than that, we both had an awesome time.

Love you, dear!