Egyption Dinner

Believe or not, I have never dined at Arab Street so I asked Fizah to take us to a Middle East restaurant there and that one day was the same day of the museum trip.

Fizah brought us to Amirah's Grill Restaurant and Cafe which rang a bell because I noticed a few of my old school mates dining there for group outings or for breaking fast in Facebook. haha

The dining atmosphere was undoubtedly in lieu with the general theme which was Middle Eastern & Western Cuisine.

We ordered the set meal which not only is a good bargain but also let newbies like us try most of the dishes at one shot instead of stressing which ala carte meal to choose.

The appetizer was bread with hummus. It was the first time Jhon and I tried hummus so it was an interesting try. The first time I learned about hummus was from "Zohan" starring Adam Sandler. hahahaha To us, it was as delicious as it was hyped about. ;) The soup with garlic bread was equally delicious that I had trouble deciding which one to eat first so I ate alternately.

Yes, so imagine my stomach at that time with equal layers of hummus and mushroom soup soaked bread.

Main course was Grilled Chicken Kebab for Jhon, Grilled Beef/Mutton Kebab for Fizah and Seafood Platter for me.

I wouldn't say it was an explosion of spices but it was satisfying good.

Next was desert and we tried all 3 types offered in the set menu. French Cream Caramel, Basbousa and vanilla ice-cream (lol thanks to blur Jhon)

Personally, I LOVE the French Cream Caramel which was heavenly! I wished I didn't have to share. =P

And finally, started picture of me and Fizah. No pictures of Jhon because by this time, he looks too exhausted with double eyebags. Poor thing.

Thanks FIZAH!