Azlinda & Ardie's Solemnization

One cousin on the maternal side has been ticked on the wedded check list.

Here's a preview of the deco for their wedding day.

I took couple shots of my family while they were eating but the pictures turned out either blur or their faces were not flaterring.

After eating, we went upstairs and we saw that she has her own mini stage which was really nice too. It was a great idea since their house was rather big and everyone didn't have to squeeze in her bedroom to see her. The house also have cameras so the people in the living room can see her and vice versa without getting up.

Despite the clever arrangement, the "tok kadi" was not into it and made her move her spot so that the groom can see the bride in real life. "Tok kadi" is not high tech =(

Ardie had to recite his solemnization rites twice. =P Only because he didn't recite them in 1 breath. I didn't know that!

Other than that, everything went smoothly and when they went for an outfit change, we took a couple of picture. I realized now that I have taken a lot of pictures of my sis.

They wore a hindi outfit for their next look and went downstairs to mingle and pose with their downstairs deco. My family and I didn't do down so I took a couple of photos from my cousin. =P

Congratulations Cinda and husband!



  1. congrats to the couple.. nice pics btw, especially the chandelier with orange backdrop :)

  2. Thank you Ken! I didn't think orange would be a nice theme colour but they managed to work it wonderfully. =)