DIY Anniversary Gifts

Recently, Jhon and I celebrated our 4 years anniversary. I gave his present 1 week earlier, which was a bowling bag with wheels. I know it seems so unromantic and "meh" but it was something he wanted for months and for that time period, I always joked with him that a grocery trolley bag would probably provide the same job.

It's trueeee...

Anyways, it was a surprise gift and as per normal, I did an awesome job distracting him and throwing some "curve balls" to side track him. Well, it ended with a speechless, teary eyed and ecstatic boyfriend. =D

But the main reason of this post is not to share awesome I am, but how awesome HE is.

His present was DIY artwork and silkscreen printed shirts for me.

The thing is, I know what was his present. (He was never good at surprises) I helped him look for the necessary items and I sort of knew some of the designs he was doing but I never expected this.

It is my freaking face at the back of his shirt!! I shrieked with delight, amazement and slight embarrassment because it's my face! He wore it to work and as expected, many people took notice.

On the actual anniversary date (which I will blog soon), he presented 2 more shirts just for me.

Hand Gesture has a personal meaning to it so it was very special for the both of us and the pink shirt (he knows I am not a big fan of pink but he swore it didn't look pink when he bought it; he thought it was more to peachy) was his own free handed design.

I love it! Especially the blue shirt. Thank you so much, mahal ko.



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