Mysterious Loner For A Reason

Out of the blue, random people are being sociable with me at work.

It is all because I missed the company bus by a few seconds. I know! A story does not worth a single cent but yes, most people in my office are bottom feeder gossipers.

It was awkward for me when suddenly people are starting a conversation with me at work because I am very good at playing as the mysterious loner.

I don’t chit chat with everyone at work, I mind my own business and look 45 degrees downward everywhere I go; exactly how I behave since I was a kid. Of course, when I get comfortable with someone (which is rarely), everything will be thrown out of the window. I only interact with a handful of people at work.

But seriously, the main reason why I don’t mix is what I mentioned above. They are bottom feeder gossipers. They get excited over any minuscule incident and worst, they gossip on FALSE pretences.

Up to date, I have been perceived as:

An anti-social Malaysian, who is a boyfriend stealer, got pregnant and aborted, took slimming pills until sick and is rich with a gold digging boyfriend.

And that is only what I know so far.

So tell me, would YOU want to be friendly with these people? They got all that with me minding my business. Perhaps if I do interact, there won’t be any “misunderstandings” but I disagree because I have seen them backstabbing each other. What’s the point?

So to those who may concern,
a. I am not anti-social. I was brought up with this rule “Do not speak unless spoken to” Even my siblings are like this, we are not the ones who initiates conversation.

b. Just because I know how to speak/understand/write Malay, that does not mean I am Malaysian. I am a proud Singaporean, born and breed.

c. Jhon never ever even dated that girl and in fact, he is disgusted by her. He secretly calls her “The creature” She is the one who is trying to get Jhon’s attention.

d. I gained weight because my metabolism slowed down. Being fat/obese unfortunately runs in the family and I had dizzy/vomiting spells because of acid reflux from an unhealthy diet.

 e. I lost weight from HARD WORK of EXERCISING, clearly something most office mates don’t understand. I find it an insult saying I took slimming pills when I put time, effort and sweat to get fit.

f. What is rich? When they are the ones with branded bags when I am carrying Elle or no brand bags. Heck, I even repeat my clothes every week. Perhaps they noticed Jhon tend to dress up better with branded things but it was only because I taught him to save money. Plus, he splurges more on me than me on him. Little did they know, Jhon’s salary is way bigger than mine since day one.

 Come to think of it, I am quite impressed that I managed to tolerate all that without exploding to their face (although I tend to rant in twitter) and all that is EXCLUDING office politic on work. Yikes!

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