The Fantastic Fast Five

Thanks to OMY, I was invited to watch the premiere of Fast & the Furious 5 best known as
 Fast Five

 I know, right? Who is the genius who thought of such a fantastic title?! =P

Jhon was an ultimate fan but ever since Fast & Furious (4), I was no longer grew fond of it because the story plot went downhill and was wondering if Fast Five will follow suit.

Oh boy was I wrong; the cars, the plot, the cars, the script and did I mention the cars?
[It’s a movie about cars, Zura, of course there are a lot of cool cars! -_-]

Clearly this movie is strictly about action, explosions, men sweating, skinny girls and of course, cars. Don’t expect much realism or it will ruin your viewing pleasure. I am most displeased with the “Cars pulling the safe” part. It’s beyond physics but okay-okay, it is just a muscle-head kind of movie anyways.

Well, there were a couple of heart softening moments where Dom showed his Mr Softy side (you know, for the ladies who don’t like action movies), a very very sad part where a Chevrolet Corvette was drowned and awesomely cool car chases.

I also like the part they play police and thief on roof tops at Rio. Ever since that, I have made it my ultimate goal to play catch with Jhon and Fizah specifically at Rio. *determined face*

Naturally, there were also fight scenes and the main fight would be between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. It was quite a fair match since both have similar body size and the fact that they both are bald. But sadly, as everyone was engrossed with 2 burly men kicking each other’s asses,

I drifted to this image….


Luckily I managed to brush it off and continued watching.

Fast Five have their mini twists too and PLEASE wait till the end of the movie pre-credit animation clip because there is more to see! Like a Ghost! That is the best I can say without giving a spoiler. Trust me okay? I am not kidding. I smell a “Furious Six”

Fast Five…. Watch it!


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