Jhon's 1st Tournament

We had to register at 9am at Hougang Superbowl for Men’s individual tournament so we had an early morning start to Kovan. Thank God for Circle Line and NEL!

When we reached there, the place was already quite full and filled with obviously seasoned bowlers. They had trolley bags for their 2 bowling balls and when preparing for the game, they had “robotic” hand support!

Thankfully, Rommel and Jhon are up to par within their group so it was not an embarrassing game. =P The group was fairly friendly too but Jhon said there was 1 uncle who was too friendly that Jhon could not get in the zone.

We suspect it’s his tactic to distract his opponent. Hmph!

Long story short, we did not win any trophy which was expected. But for an amateur bowler playing for 6 months, I think Jhon was pretty good. His position was 22nd among 42 awesome bowlers.

Halfway there and hopefully, with enough practice, he will slowly and surely climb to the top. =D

Sorry for the crappy photos... Didn't bring any of my cameras. =P



  1. I love bowling but my stances are ridiculous!

  2. hehe me too! I will be lucky if I get above 100.