Weekend Getaway to Bali – Day 3

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It is the last day of our Bali trip and since our flight was at 6.45pm, we have ample time to finish off all the Indonesian rupiah we had.

Since we had already packed most of our stuff the night before, we took our time eating our breakfast and shower. In fact, we overslept and were woken up by room service. It just shows how exhausted we were and see! I am clever now, I chose the better breakfast. =D

We checked out early but left our luggage at the villa lobby and agreed to be back by 3.15pm. The villa driver was nice enough to offer to drop us where we last stopped on our first day so as not to waste time on our route.

Jhon and Fizah shopped and shopped until there was barely any money left and Jhon had his 1st cranky moment of the day because he can’t get all the shirts that he wanted because of lack of money. I offered mine since I didn’t buy anything and after loads of consoling, he agreed.

Fizah went havoc with accessories and a few tops while I was forced to buy 1 top. -_- I am not a shopper and Jhon just seems not able to accept it. So in total, I bought 1 top, 1 box of ginseng coffee and 2 packets of Capri peanuts for myself. Okay what? I got hundreds of photos for memories with an experience of a lifetime which was what I always wanted.

By 1.45pm, Jhon got cranky again because he was worried we may not have enough time and he was hungry. It didn’t help when on the way to a Deli restaurant; it started to drizzle and then poured as we were waiting for our food.

At that point, we were like “kanciong spiders” because it was raining cats and dogs and we were only 200m away from the villa. I told Jhon, at the most, one of us buy/borrow 1 umbrella, get the driver & our luggage, pass by the restaurant to pick us up and head to the airport.

Thank God the rain had subsided by the time we were done with our lunch which by the way was not fantastic, except for Jhon’s. Why cranky Jhon always choose delicious food?

We walked to our villa, kept our newly bought stuff and off to the airport. =(

When we reached there, Fizah & I walked around at the airport to spend our last 100K rupiah buying random things which we totally regretted.

After checking in, the airport announced there will be a flight delay for at least 30 minutes. We were very bored so we went to Coffee Bean for refreshments and snacks and that was the time where we regretted spending our last rupiah and ended up paying in SGD.

Not a big deal though and I tired Biscotti for the first time. SEDAP LAH. =p

Fast forward to us sitting in the aeroplane, Fizah and I continued watching the Hindu movie that we didn’t get to finish on our flight to Bali. Haha It was a night flight and was raining so the flight was bumpy than usual but we safely landed in Singapore by 10pm. It was beautiful to see the lightning flashes that illuminated the clouds surrounding it.

Fizah’s family were very nice to pick her up while Jhon and I headed home by ourselves.

It was a really nice trip. Calm, serene and cultural compared to our previous trip which was Bangkok. Would I go again? Why not? I want to go trekking on the volcano lah!!


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