Garnier Pure Active Game

Zits strike fast! So play Holy Zit! to pass on your blemishes (pimples, shine and blackheads) to unsuspecting friends. But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun! To play the app, simply upload your friends’ picture and select one or more of the whacky characters to prank your friends’ face with! Select one huge pimple to take over your friends’ face with or a bunch of little ones- let your creativity flow! The pranked picture will appear on your wall and Garnier Singapore’s facebook album. If your friend wants to clear their picture, they need to prank another unsuspecting victim!

See what I did to Jhon's face!

hahaha I gave him 2 clusters of zits and 1 giant zit that is about to pop.

But it's okay, I still love you, dear as soon as you use Garnier Pure Active to get rid of them. =P

Prank your friends or love ones too!


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