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Remember in my blog post about Pirates In the Carribean: Stranger Tides, I mentioned about an old movie of Johnny Depp entitled "What's Eating Gibert Grape"?

Thanks to FILESERVED.ORG, I got my hands on it!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I thought it was a wonderful movie that I tend to watch again and again. Until one day, my video tape got moldy and the movie was lost forever! *plays mini violin*

About 18 years later, I get to watch it again and introduced the movie to Jhon.
It was as nice as ever.

Okay, I know the movie was received in a lawfully inclined way but please lah eh? Don't act pious when I know everyone has watch at least one "lanun" movie okay?

Anyways, anyone knows that I am a movie buff and in fact for the past 2 weeks, I had watched 4 movies in the movie theatres. My only resort to such source is to get hold of old or unpopular movies.

Fileserved has many international movies/asian movies/cartoon/TV shows/Documentaries new and old, even the indie movies.

What's eating Gibert Grape was uploaded 5-10 minutes after I mentioned about it. Talk about an efficient team! So they do requests but just no promises okay?

You can be constantly updated on the movies/documentaries/shows they uploaded (many) everyday via Twitter or Facebook.

Now, the old movie has revived many old memories of movies that I had watched repeatedly via video tapes.

I have 3 in mind.

Fat boy trying to get socially accepted by going to the dance with a popular girl.

This movie is AWESOMELY good okay? About an albino kid with lightning induced power. I strongly recommend this movie. It's a very moving story.

Lastly is Bruno, The Dress Code.
This is long before the very uncensored gay Bruno comes out okay? This is another moving movie about a boy who was to wear a dress for his spelling bee. If I was not mistaken, it was based on a true story.

*sighs* They don't make such movies anymore; heart-rending with good actors. All they have no is sparkly vampires for MILFs and pre-teens.



  1. I recommend the movie, Memento. But bought DVD so that you can play 'reverse'. ;) Watch it & you know what I mean...


  2. Thanks a_x for the recommendation. Sounds interesting :)

  3. I love how every movie is available from the comfort of my own couch... no more cinemas for me.

  4. Great movies from old times, like "Powder"..nice and clean.

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