Wedding Review: Kompang Al-Falah

As mentioned before, Jhon and I are not particular with kompang. All we know is that we want a live one because of the vibes it gives. You know, it's like watching and hearing your favorite singer/band perform live compared to just listening through mp3.

About less than 2 weeks before our wedding, Khairul called me to double confirm on our arrangement such as the timing and who was our orang kuat so he can liase for payment.
That was it.

Jhon's berarak starts at 1pm. I was surprised but happy that the group had arrived 15-20 minutes earlier. (I love punctual people but even more if they come early hehe) But as usual, actually, we came down 10-15 minutes late. haha

I went down first with Kak Yana by my side and Jhon went down with Abg a few minutes later. It's odd to be the one behind the fan. It's exciting but kompang and groom's entrance is one of my favorite part of the wedding so I can't help but peek out to see what's happening.

I try not to story-mory so much here because I will blog about my wedding as a whole. But it's hard lah. Focus! Just talk about the vendor!

So, as expected, the kepak bing-bing was on point; not messy and have a decent beat.
Kompang Al-falah is known for their Hasbi Rabbi so I was ready... to not to cry. It's one of my favorite zikir lah... so confirm emo.

Luckily, I managed to control myself. What caught me of guard was that they did a simple English translation version of it which I appreciate A LOT. Honestly, I forgot that I requested it. hahaha Khairul did say he will try his best to see if zikir in English will sound nice or not but this way is good enough for me!

Voice wise, no need to say lah, merdu at least to us. We don't have silat people on our side expect for Syazan so one of the kompang people volunteers. Good lah, as much as I enjoy silat, I wouldn't want too many people taking turns either. hehe

If you are looking for an affordable, simple, talented and nice kompang group,
I definitely would recommend Kompang Al-Falah.

Side Note:

I noticed that there is a trend now to just play kompang music instead of a live one. Not that is a problem. To each it's own. The sad thing sometimes couples said kompang is expensive especially for an average 20 minute performance. But if you think about it, if you divide $600 to 11 people, each person gets about $50. Pretty okay for a weekend side job right? And that's not considering transport.

I know, I am talking on behalf of the vendor, not as a client. As a wedded couple-to-be who are paying thousands, even $50 extra costs matters. I know that but don't imply that kompang is over charging their services. That's unfair. Of course, I know of certain kompang services that charges over $1,000 but that's a different issue for a different time.


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