Ramadhan with My Husband

Salam Ramadhan, fellow readers!

As you are reading this, it should be the 3rd day of Ramadhan. I hope every intention of fasting, solat, zakat, to read more of the Quran will be achieved for you and me.

This ramadhan is the first ramadhan for Jhon and I as a husband and wife. Not only that, the first ramadhan Jhon actually wakes up for Sahur. All these years, when he attempts to fast, he doesn't wake up for sahur because he can't wake up early. I don't even know how can he even achieve to fast full days like that. Of course, he also mentions about acid reflux.

Since I am around, I can physically wake him up and prepare proper food for sahur.

Our first sahur together was funny and chaotic which make life interesting, I guess. haha

So you know, I am a morning person. As soon as an alarm rings, zup! I wake up with no problem. When I lived at my other house, I was always the first one to wake up.

This time, it was different.
All I knew was Abg Jamil called me through my handphone asking if we were waking up for sahur. I confidently said yes, thinking it was 4:30am. To my surprise, it was already 5am!

Kalang-kabut lah! We have only 30 minutes to cook and eat.
Thank God for microwaves, I managed to cook chicken drumlets. I also scurried frying eggs as Abg Jamil looked on with glee while Jhon was standing in the middle of the kitchen dazed. Imagine that scene!

We rushed but Alhamdulillah, we managed to have our proper meal and milo. Since Jhon had sahur, he also didn't complain of stomach aches or gastric only sleepiness which we all know, it's normal even with decades of experience. hehe

So that's our first Ramadhan together. I just want to logged in here for memories sake. hehe


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