Wedding Review: Nurie Creations

It's funny that although Cik Normie and family has been around for 12 years, when I mentioned to my vendors, they never heard of Nurie Creations. As I've said before, Nurie Creations has been an underdog and humble caterer. They don't have social media, they only advertise by word of mouth and newspaper ads. Well, not anymore, Cik Normie... hehe

They also don't do too many weddings in a weekend to ensure full attention to their food.

After a few meet ups (food tasting, official booking and deposit) with Cik Normie, the time has come where it's crunch time to our wedding.

4 days before my wedding, a Chinese man called me and I was confused because he just asked "You ordered toilet?". [Mak's new bed came by that morning too so I was wondering, I knew we ordered a bed but bila masa aku order toilet??"] It turned out to be the porta-porty uncle. I was confused because I thought tentage & toilet will come together the next day. I asked Mak to join me downstairs to guide him where to put the item. We got those metalic porta-potties and it was interesting to see how they set it up. [jakun lol]

The next day, tentage crew came. Again, brought Mak downstairs too so we can guide them where we wanted the kitchen to be and requested for extra socket for the DJ. As soon as they were done, they left; no hassle.

On Friday morning, Nurie Creations came to set up, prepare and cook for our Friday dinner. My dad was already downstairs and he called me saying Pakcik Amrie was looking for me and that there was a problem. WAHH.. I tried really hard to control my nerves especially my dad ni, sometimes like to anyhow say.

I went down with my sis and turned out, that putting the temporary kitchen area at the back was not a good idea although it was nearest to the water pipe and out of view. Pakcik Amrie consoled me to remain calm and quipped to my dad about he was stressing the BTB. lol He calmly explained that the location was under people's bedroom windows and from experience, people tend to complain due to smell (-_-) and noise. So to avoid complains, it's best to just move it to a different location. Not my preferred location but it's still okay since my guests are still away from the kitchen.

It was the first time I talked to Pakcik Amrie because all these while, it was Cik Normie who always dealt with us. In terms of personality, they were so different. She was soft and sweet while he was vocal and hands on; they work well as a team. Speaking of teams, the entire crew was friendly and nice too. Forever acknowledging and smiling.

Besides that, everything went smooth sailing.

For Friday dinner, the tulang/ bone steak was exceptionally spicy so spicy lovers were jumping for joy and as for the taste, it was on point, no complains. We didn't have many guests on Friday which was expected, just a small group but it was relaxing lah. I didn't take any photos but the entire family just lepak downstairs, eating and mingling with some guests. I also love that the kitchen were always topping up the buffet tray even when it was getting late and there were barely any guests.

The next morning, the wedding day, they had served lontong. I didn't get to taste at all since I was already busy upstairs. I was informed that the lontong was okay only. Unfortunately, I can't confirm. Different people, different taste buds and expectations right?

After our solemnization at 10am, we had about 20 minutes of 'free' time before our outfit change. Pakcik Amrie asked if we wanted brunch. It was not in the itinerary but since we had enough time and it's good for our tummy and energy, we said yes!

I had their mee hoon goreng and Jhon had the nasi briyani with basically everything in the menu lah. I am a slow eater and I eat even more slowly when the food is delicious. 20 minutes was not enough time for me to savor it but food was really delicious! Especially the goreng pisang and jemput-jemput, Jhon and I merebut!

Fast forward to about 1:30pm, Pakcik Amrie walked to the pelamin asking if we wanted our lunch served. We weren't sure at first but 10 minutes later, we had someone request for food. I had the nasi briyani this time. Again, food was on point. (sorry not a very good food blogger in describing food perfectly haha) We also had deserts and like I said before, I wish we had more time to eat more, in fact, I can't wait to eat more food after the wedding in the most comfortable clothes in an almost barbaric way.

After the wedding, everyone was singing praises of the food. Everyone's stomachs were satisfied and I heard about people taking 3-4 servings of food! Alhamdulillah but I jealous! haha

One thing I appreciate from Nurie creations, besides packing for guests, they also packed for the hosts. They packed it in big Tupperware so all we need to do is bring it up. We don't have to transfer and organize the food in our own pot/ Tupperware. As we bring them up, those who wants to eat, just open and help ourselves. Less work for tuan puan rumah!

After changing out of our final wedding outfits, we changed and headed downstairs. Technically, we can pay the caterer the next day. BUT, we would be busy for at least 3 more days. Since we already have the money, I brought it down and gave it to Cik Normie. She was shocked and joked to my mom that I didn't want to see her anymore. lol

Would I recommend Nurie Creations?

Not only their prices are freaking affordable, they are experienced, not stingy in food, not greedy in money, caring, sweet & genuinely nice AND their food is top notch especially their sweet & sour fish, goreng pisang/keledek & jemput-jemput which always kena top-up off the stove.

Pakcik Amrie was so hands on and I appreciate that his duty was not only restricted to his kitchen. I would see him march up and down the guest area to make sure the kendarat did their work efficiently, if there were any complains or problems,  even made sure my mom eat and nudging her to rest because she was everywhere & tiring herself out. Where can you get this kind of service?

Usually, there is always a catch when it comes to cheaper packages but Nurie Creations does not do that.

For just under S$8,000 for 500pax, we had an overflow of

❣ Bone Steak & bread
❣ Lontong
❣ Nasi Briyani
❣ Ayam Masak Merah
❣ Daging Briyani
❣ Dalca
❣ Acar & Paceri
❣ Mee Hoon Goreng
❣ Bubur Pulut Hitam
❣ Putri Salat, Kole-kole & kuih bakar
❣ 4 types of chilled drinks
❣ Hot coffee & tea
❣ 50 pax Nasi berkat & food for hosts

With an additional of
❣ Sweet & sour fish
❣ Goreng Pisang & Keledek
❣ Jemput-Jemput (F.O.C and depends of availability)

Sorry to say about other vendors, cheap packages means they tend to cut the menu but not Nurie Creations; like I said, not stingy and greedy, if you have 1,000pax, you can get less than S$10,000 if don't want additional food types.

Alhamdulilah, I came across Nurie Creations during my cousin's wedding (I suppose I should thank her too! hehe). Catering was one the expensive factor in a wedding and we were starting to get stressed as we researched for them. I hope our paths will cross again because I want more of that food!



  1. Hi there, was just wondering when you booked nurie creations for catering only, do they provide tables for the food and guests too?

    1. Hi Wany, I am so sorry for the late reply.
      Yes, as a caterer, they are to provide tables and chairs.

  2. HI, your reviews have been so helpful! I cant seem to find their contacts anywhere though.. do you mind sharing?
    My email address is Thank you in advance for your help!