Zana's Wedding

Click here for Zana's solemnization.

Zana's wedding event was the next day. When we arrived, the marhaban had already started and everyone was bustling about.

Ready in black & gold outfit.

After a while, Hadfiz arrived with his entourage and kompang group.
To Jhon and I this is just a reminder that this is going to happen to us real soon.

Our favorite hadang duos with muka stoing me at the background and wacky Shibly in the foreground.

This is after the 3rd hadang and after he had to dance to Watch me (Whip/ Nae Nae)
At this point, my other cousins were jokingly thinking what they want to make Jhon dance/ sing to before letting him enter. I wagged my finger and warned them "NO EH!!! Don't make it embarrassing eh!!" haha

The moment I got teary eyed. I'm sorry, even though I was physically there, my mind was on my own wedding. I was standing behind Jhon and as he turned, it turns out, he was teary eyed too.

When Zana went's to her husband's side (which was only a few blocks away), we had ample free time. It was also the first time majority of the 3rd generation cousins are around and playing together. Too bad Kakak's children, Irfan and Nadya was not around.

There was a nearby playground too so of course I joined. I also fell and rolled on the ground. What's new?

My mom and her cousins. Susah nak jumpa ni...

Complete family of Uncle & Auntie Tipah's family. They were going off because Auntie was not feeling well and the couple arrived.

Cake cutting time.

Congratulations to Zana & Hadfiz.
May both of you be always happy together, have strength to overcome any trials & tribulations and insert all the good words to say lah. I am horrible at this. haha
I just hope and pray all the best in your new chapter in life.


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