Wedding Review: Gubahan Cinta

Initially, Jhon and I decided to DIY our wedding trays. We had brainstormed so many ideas but as months passed by, that idea dwindled down. I knew for sure I wanted to book sireh dara but at the same time, I was looking at potential wedding tray designs too. Just in case we decided to rent them, we can use the same vendor.

That's when Gubahan Cinta came along.

In my opinion, her costs and style are in middle ground for me; nice works with affordable prices which is hard to come by. (cheap = low quality, high class work = expensive)

In slightly less than a month, we met up with Kak Wannie to pass our stuff  (except for money and jewelry) and finalized our chosen designs. Even on that day, I was still unsure should I go for my favorite red colored flower bouquet because my sanding outfit was royal purple.

We also had issues with Jhon's cycling sunglasses. We had bought it but the company had to order it overseas and was supposed to arrive weeks before meeting Kak Wannie. Some how, it was delayed to a few days before the meet up. In the end, we only got it 2 weeks before the wedding. We just took pictures of what will be showcased to her and eventually, she arranged everything on pick up day (night before the wedding).

Besides the late sunglasses, Kak Wannie also did on the spot set up of the duit hantaran, rings and bracelet. Abg, Kak Yana and Jhon had picked all the 8 trays, 1 flower bouquet and 1 sireh dara.

The wedding tray theme was gold & silver.



I know to most, it's really simple and actually doable for a DIY. I agree but since Jhon and I had to plan our wedding from beginning to end and with lack of help, we didn't think we can do it ourselves especially at crunch time. So yeah, for this case, we did sacrifice money for time.

I know what you're thinking too, if we were paying for it, why not choose a 'worthy' design? Well, since day 1, I wanted this concept lah. We wanted my trays to be simple, humble, classic and traditional and we got exactly what we wanted.

Since our wedding decor was gold, it was obvious that the color accents I choose is red. My first initial thought was having a full blown red roses but I appreciate this version has it has different textures with some dimensions. Sireh dara design was chosen by Mak. She wanted a super traditional one and she said this design was the closest to it.

I don't have any proper pictures of the hantaran together from guests and this is the best version. I like it that they match when they sit together.

If you like simple & affordable wedding trays, sireh dara/ junjung with not overpriced flower bouquets (fresh or satin), Gubahan Cinta is good for you.


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