Zana's Solemnization

1 month before my wedding was actually my cousin's wedding! Can you imagine the stress? That weekend would be useful for our wedding preparations but of course, we dropped it temporarily so we can give our utmost attention to her wedding.

Zana's wedding is a standard 2 day event. 1 day for solemnization and 1 for the wedding event. Mak, Jhon and I had arrived extra early to help, just in case but Mak kept asking me to rest. But if mak cik/ pak cik suruh tolong, tak kan say no, right? kwang kwang

I love this picture but not so much of myself. Bad angle, why I look chubby? lol

Mak does what she does best, socializing.

The queen of the day. I like this outfit.

Zana with her mom.

Zana and her makciks. haha

Zana and I. hehehe
About 1 month after that, we would be switching places.

Is this what the groom was facing? Intimidating!

But not to him, I guess.

The nikah begins.

That's it for the nikah. We didn't take much photos because since our wedding was next, there were plenty of socializing on our part too. Paiseh, on people wedding, had to pass our wedding cards. Especially to relatives that we had not met for decades!

Anyways, the solemnization went smoothly with the usual teary eyed moments for the newly wedded couple. Yey! Dah kahwin!


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