9th Year Anninversary

23rd June 2016 marks our 9th year together and 2nd month in marriage.

I swear it was not part of the plan. I've always been a realist-borderline-negative person and to have Jhon proved me wrong just as he said he would the night he declared his intention to court me. It was a first time for anyone to prove me wrong.

Obviously, marriage hood is hardly ever happily ever after but to achieve this far was definitely an achievement especially from a person like me. Read realist-borderline-negative person.

Unfortunately, we didn't plan a special and 'nice' date mostly because it's Ramadhan. Muslims are supposed be solemn and at the best behavior so I didn't think my initial idea of a couple SPA massage would be a good idea. Orang busy terawih, kita busy kena massage, eh?

But we did break our fast outside at one of our favorite restaurant, Hei Sushi.

I dolled up extra just for fun but guess what?

Amidst of getting our sushi plates, waiting for our ramen and breaking fast time, I forgot to take pictures to document the night. BLARGH! This always happens, when hungry, photos don't matter. By the time we were done, we were so bloated and can't wait to walk it off.

Whatever it is, whether how big we celebrate our special day, it's as long as we are with each other.

Jhon, just know that...


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