Wedding Review: WedInc' Petals

Read the day I booked them.

Before I start I want to share how blessed I feel to have all really good and friendly professionals handling my wedding. Obviously, when I choose them, I choose them for their skill set and works but to able to liaise with such wonderful people was a mega plus point.

One of such vendors was Wed'Inc Petals handled by Kak Andriana.

When we first met for our first appointment, I knew I liked her. Not many people can make me feel comfortable especially for an awkward coward like me.

ANYWAYS, we did communicate after our appointment. It was just me telling her what color I want for my pelamin which was gold/cream/glittery gold. I was informed if I knew what color I want, I should tell her ASAP just in case another couple wants the same color scheme. (nanti tak cukup kain)

The real interaction was about 2 weeks before the big day. Kak Ana met Mak, Kakak, Jhon and I under my block for survey and discussion. It all went pretty well. I was never the bride who has a list of requests, I just have a few. My preferred color scheme, pelamin design and to have Mak decide the table arrangements.

Honestly, I've always wanted my buffet table separated with the guest tables. It is because
1) It looks more organized,
2) It looks nicer from my point of view as I can see all the guests and
3) Since I had a small wedding, it forces all guests to sit in front and not to hide behind.

I had mentioned this concept to my family but they were a little apprehensive. Ada bicycles lah, jauh nak ambil makan lah... So I kinda let it go because I knew despite Mak being super understanding, she is particular about table arrangements. lol Luckily, Kak Ana brought the topic up and managed to more or less convince Mak. We decided to let Mak see on the day they came to arrange so she can visualize the set up.

On Thursday, WedInc' Petals crew came so I informed Kak Ana to let Mak take the lead. (this is important BTB/ GTB, this is avoid crew confusion with she said, he said).

When I came home, everything was more or less arranged and I saw Mak's gleaming face and that's all that matters. By evening, when the family and I went down to kaypo, the crew were 60% done and I also loved the arrangement. It's different, organized and symmetrical.

On Friday evening when everything is more or less complete, it was surreal.
After all these years, all those decorations were for me, my wedding and it was beautiful. Whether it was night or day, the area was gleaming because of the gold. I felt happy and cheery when I see the colors. It was what I wanted and more.

Sorry that the pictures don't give justice because it's not from a professional camera but you get the gist of it.

Mak was so satisfied that when she saw Kak Ana, she gave her a shoulder massage. lol It was so random and she only does that to show utmost love and appreciation to people. There was a moment Mak was sitting one corner with her telling personal stories and my hardships of my relationship to her. Malu sey! Seriously, Mak is not like that, okay and let that lady do her work! lol

On my big day, my decor got the most compliments by my family and friends. Even my cousins who are engaged (even my guy cousin) were asking. [Yes, family don't know I have a blog. It's not a secret but not openly shared so if they follow closely enough, they should know] All these while, my caterer and decor people don't know each other so they also managed to exchange contacts. YEY! lol

Anyways, I am so happy to have Wed'Inc Petals be part of my wedding. They only handle 2 weddings per weekend. Not because they cannot handle or what, their aim is to give their utmost attention to each wedding. Kak Ana, has been nothing but friendly but open in most respectful way especially sharing her opinions yet accepting ours.

After the wedding event and during the tear down, Mak, Jhon and I actually lepak with her (of course she was multi-tasking with work) at the pelamin and share the events of the day. Macam dah members pe. hehehe

Well, the entire family was really happy with the decor and I would definitely recommend to the highest amount not only for affordable prices, beautiful decor but also top notch sincere people skills.

WedInc' Petals
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