Tucking In Those Fats

I am not talking about liposuction but corsets and girdles.

I know, majority would say (and had said) I don't need a corset or girdle. I am not considered fat or even chubby but I do have fats that needs tucking in especially if I am wearing a fitting dress.

My body has been through quite a bit.
Here's one of my pictures I posted when I wrote about weight issues and getting healthy.


2006: Drug addict (mid 40kg)
2010: Verging to overweight (65kg)
2012: Weight slowly stabilizing (61kg)

From 2012 to now, my weight yoyo from 56kg to 59kg and guess what, I STILL kept the same top after 10 years! hahaha Time for an update?

I would consider myself as average built but generally people always think corsets are for chubby/ plus sized ladies. Here's the definition of a corset:

To shape the figure.
Corsets also support the back so if you tend to slouch a lot like me, a corset helps with posture and slouching on a wedding day is always a no-no. No matter what people say, if you have a chance, wouldn't you want to improve yourself whether it's mentally or physically?

You think I can achieve this without a corset? HAH! lol

Sneak peak of my photo shoot outfit, a red 60's Cheongsam.
Look at that cinched waist and posture.

Corsets generally are expensive but I was lucky enough to get one at Bugis Junction, BHG, at the Sorella lingerie section. I've surveyed plenty of corsets by then and I was advised to get a waist corset (excluding bra) instead of with the bra attached because every women's hip-waist-breast ratio is always different.

I was so lucky lah because they had a 3 for 1 promotion. I got 2 bras, 1 waist corset and 1 girdle.
Not including the extra bra, I got my complete corset/girdle/bra set for just SG$139. That's cheap considering some 1-piece corsets costs over SG$150. The lady in-charge was so nice too which made me felt comfortable. Comfortable enough to ask her to join in my dressing room with the corsets. She was respectable and it's not that she saw EVERYTHING lah.

I was considering on should I post my corset set but you all go shopping malls or shops nearby also see lingerie what? No big deal right? And then I realized it's MY lingerie so... abort! Abort!

My bra was a simple nude bra and my corset and girdle comes in a set. If you already own a nude bra, no need to buy lah. Obviously, I don't, especially with a removable bra strap one. The reason I chose such design is because some outfits I choose may expose my shoulders (under lace). For those who will be wearing modest outfit, you can go for those corsets that has a straps like these.

I didn't realized until I brought it home that the corset has Bamboo Charcoal & Liquefied Titanium. It is anti-odour, anti-static, anti-bacterial and is breathable. Other than that, it does all the 'magic' a corset and girdle does. It tucks in my fats, tighten and slims my body by a lot. Although it straightens up my posture, I still can move around and bend over a little. It's impossible to slouch and believe me, I tried.

While looking for Jhon's 'capal' at Geylang, I happen to see plenty of corsets and girdles too at the  Geylang Serai market at an even lower price but I am not sure in terms of quality because I've never bought them there before.

Whether you want/need to wear a corset and/or girdle, it's up to you. Only you know what is best for yourself. As you can see, girdle works wonders for me in terms of improving body shape and posture. What is important is you do you!


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