The ROMM Interview

Read my post when we registered our ROMM online as that was the first step of getting solemnized.

So after registering online, you can visit ROMM at Fort Canning any day during their service hours but latest 5 weeks before wedding. Jhon and I decided to go ASAP (2+ weeks after registering) because his CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) must not be more than 3 months before date of issue and it's dated October 2015. Plus, no harm getting the procedure over and done with.

Document Verification & Statutory Declaration (VD/SD) Service Hours
Monday - Thursday:  
8.30am to 11.30am & 2.00pm to 3.30pm
8.30am to 11.00am & 2.30pm to 3.30pm

There were quite of a number of documents you need to bring and it varies for each couple. You may check out the entire list on ROMM's website.

For our case, we brought:
✔ NIRC/Passport of Bride, Groom and Wali
✔ My dad who is the Wali
 ✔ Jhon's Muslim conversion card
✔ Letter from Philippines to confirm Jhon's Marital status
✔ Marriage Preparation Course certificate
✔ My awesome brother who drove us there hehe

Although technically, it's just a walk-in appointment of document verification and declaration, for the longest time, the Malay community has called it "The Interview". Jeng jeng jeng.. Indeed, in the past, it was a scary procedure because I was told the Tok Kadi in-charge will 'test' you especially in your knowledge in religion. Some said they had to recite specific doa (not the standard Al Fatihah, hokay?) and was asked hard questions.

But now, it's not as nerve-wrecking lah.

ROM & ROMM shares a same building so when we arrived at about 10am, there was a good amount of people in there, inclusive of families who were getting solemnized there. I almost went to the reception counter for a queue number but I was approached by someone in-charge and he helped us getting our queue number using a kiosk nearby. He simply asked for my NIRC. He was confused for a while when he saw my NIRC and had to double check that I was actually Malay and that I am applying in ROMM not ROM. hehe He said he has to make sure because there are Malays who opt for ROM not ROMM.

The procedure comes in 2 separate parts.

Document Verification (VD)

In the first 30 minutes (incl. waiting time), Jhon and I had to go to a counter behind a glass wall to pass our & my dad's ID and necessary documents. We had to double check our info, inclusive of solemnization date & time, Tok Kadi, Hantaran, Mahar, etc. Jhon had an option to insert his Muslim name as an alias on our wedding certificate so we just put lah.

We were inform there will be charges incurred if we made changes to our solemnization details and it has to be done online. After signing, we had to wait again for the second part of the procedure.
Statutory Declaration (SD)

We had to wait again for our queue number to be called but this time, we had to proceed to 1 of the rooms. My dad had to enter first with the necessary documents filed by the VD counter. He was simply asked if he is birth my father, if he agrees with my marriage with Jhon and if there are any problems and such. He was told to sign and take an oath.

Dad then called for me as it's my turn pulak. Memang kanciong lah but Kadi (Deputy Registrar) Mohamed Khair Bin Rahmat was friendly. He confirmed my identity and who I intended to marry. He checked with me if I had checked with MOM since I am marrying a foreigner and asked if we had attended marriage preparation classes. He asked what I had learned, etc. He also asked briefly if I had ever went religious classes even as a kid. It was all quite casual. Nothing so stressful. In just a few minutes, I signed and took my oath.

Lastly, it was Jhon's turn. He was asked basic questions of what he has learned from Islam and gave him a few advice to keep on learning and from the right sources. His part seems to be the fastest among the 3 of us. He too signed and took his oath.

Inclusive of waiting time, SD took us 40 minutes so the entire process took us slightly over an hour. By the time we ended, the crowd had grew. So yes, coming earlier is always better.

That's it! Dah register, dah declare, dah angkat sumpah.
Dah boleh kahwin! haha


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