Versari Ade Bridal Outfit Choosing & Fitting

The main reason of this appointment was to select and have our outfits fitted for our studio/ outdoor photo shoot but the date is quite close to our supposedly outfit choosing for our wedding day so we were advised to do everything in one day.

Our appointment was yesterday at 11am and was greeted by the sweet Kak Ida. Just within a minute of us settling down, Abg Hadi 'pun datang'. It's nice to see a boss so hands on.  ☺

Just for our photo shoot alone, we had to choose 4 outfits and 3 outfits on our wedding day. VA had a system where we can only try maximum 3 outfits per category to be time efficient. After all, after our appointment, there's another couple who were coming at 3pm.

Kak Ida was very accommodating and patient with me although I didn't think I was fussy during the appointment. We didn't try 3 outfits all the time, sometimes we just tried 2 and there's one type we tried only once.

So during our photo shoot, we will be wearing

❣ Green/Gold Traditional Songket
❣ Red 60s Cheongsam & Suit
❣ Traditional Royal Javanese
❣ White Laced Western dress & Suit

We figured we will never have the opportunity to wear them so we went all out. hehe

For our wedding day, we will be wearing,

❣ White/ Silver Malay Modern Outfit
❣ Purple Modern Songket
❣ Western lace dress with Jhon's own Barong

I am not sure for other bridal shops but if you are going to try out their outfits, I suggest wearing nice bra and panties. lol I am not saying must wear lacy Victoria Secret ones; just not the 'bacin' ones. hahaha It is because the person helping you might or will go in the dressing room to help you with the outfits. For my case, Kak Ida was in the dressing room from beginning to end.

If you are also going for a fitting, I strongly suggest you to wear your corset and/or girdle so it will fit as realistically as possible on your photo shoot/ wedding day. If you have no intentions to wear a corset and/or girdle, then disregard what I've just wrote. ☺

This is optional but wearing a loose dress for the fitting is helpful because I just have to take off with one swoop instead of dealing with 2 articles of clothing. There are a few times I have to wear back and choose my outfits and take it off again.

What I also think was helpful was having my hair in a bun. I don't have to worry with my hair as I get in and out of dresses. Plus, during the actual day, my hair will be up most of the time anyways. One more thing, hygiene and more importantly, use deodorant if you know your body craves for it. It's only fair to the person helping you in the dressing room and also respect for their clothes.

It took us almost 4 hours of me trying maybe 20 outfits just to choose 7. (Jhon only had to try the ones paired to the final chosen outfit). Abg Hadi would handle Jhon if there's a need for altering while Kak Ida and another seamstress helped with mine. Since Abg Hadi was there, multi-tasking with his sewing and sequin-ing, he also gave some input and advice which we appreciated.

We are pretty satisfied with what we chose but hours after the appointment, I was starting to feel the wedding anxiety. I think choosing those outfits really made it 'real'.


Check out our pre-wedding photo shoot behind the scenes.


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